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Some days begin with bacon

My cancer survivorship program has been self-created through the years. I haven’t always eaten so well. Understanding the relevance of diet in our ability to thrive in the long-term is key. More veggies, less protein (but keep it high quality!) and far less processed foods. Eat real food!

Some weeks, my bodywork clients bring me produce from their own gardens or from local farmer’s markets. This week, folks brought me burdock root, mizuna (aka water greens) and shishito peppers, known for their pepper flavor without the heat. Three ingredients, I have never cooked with! Oh, joy!

So, for lunch I baked up a fillet of wild caught keta salmon and threw a lovely cornucopia of vegetables into the wok.

I seasoned one pound of keta salmon in a 13×9″ glass baking dish, skin side down. Little salt, little pepper, little iodized kelp granules. Drizzled over olive oil and lined the top with thinly sliced lemon.

The oven was preheated to 325 degrees F. Baked for 30 minutes.

With the keta salmon in the oven, I heated a generous dollop of duck fat in the 16″ wok.

The stir fry started off with burdock root added to the duck fat. After two minutes, I added shishito peppers, cut thin. Once the burdock root and shishito peppers began to soften, small cut asparagus was next.

Another couple minutes later, cremini and chanterelle mushroom followed. Some chopped mizuna was tossed in near the end, just long enough to wilt this delicate leafy green.



Yep… I tend to eat well when I make time to cook. Making time to cook is a huge priority for me.

As well as I generally eat, some days begin with bacon. Dig it!

That’s cancer survivorship. Finding the balance in our diet, in our work, in our personal life, in our creativity and physical activity. Enjoy the heck out of life, ya’ll!


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