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The 21st century cancer survivor’s breakfast: mixed vegetable sauté and fried egg

A friend recently asked me what I ate for breakfast. Sometimes a smoothie. Sometimes gluten free cereal. Oftentimes, I take time to whip up something fun and creative in the kitchen. It’s always a culinary improvisation, depending on what I have in the fridge. Eating with cancer survivorship in mind requires a wonderful, whole foods diet with lots of variety!

This morning, I had a blast making a mixed vegetable sauté with orange pepper, baby bok choy, cremini mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes and kale. On the side, a happy egg. I’ll show you my step by step process that leads to yumminess!

Time to break out the cast iron skillets and duck fat! I heat up cast iron skillets at a medium high temperature. Once hot, the heat is lowered to medium low. With some quality fat in the pan, the cast iron retains excellent non-stick properties.

I first cut up an orange pepper with the intention of bringing out the sweetness and carmelization by letting it cook the longest.

With the orange pepper beginning to soften I began prepping my other ingredients. Some baby bok choy, three cremini mushrooms and a couple of small heirloom tomatoes.

The baby bok choy went into the ten inch cast iron skillet next.

I found some kale in the crisper. Three hand torn and thinly sliced leaves lay in wait.

Time to add in the mushrooms. And, I heated up an eight inch cast iron skillet with a generous dollop of duck fat.

The kale and tomatoes went in next. And, I cracked a single egg into the eight inch cast iron.

I covered the egg to let it steam.


Delicious, nutritious and quick! Prep and cooking time took about 30 minutes.

Cancer survivorship means eating well and enjoying good food!

Hamid : )

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