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A cancer survivor’s breakfast (with photos!)

Cancer survivorship truly means good eating. These days, I tend to eat less grain, less gluten, less sugar. I feed my body with good quality protein and more and more vegetables. I primarily buy organic and prefer local produce whenever possible.

I take every opportunity to improvise in the kitchen. What ingredients are in the fridge? This morning, I pulled out some baby bok choy, yellow squash, garlic, kale, a wee tomato and an egg.

Here’s my Sunday morning foodie adventure, snapped with the Fujifilm X-T1 and 56mm, f/1.2 lens. From my kitchen to yours… Enjoy!


I began my improvised breakfast adventure by heating up the ten inch cast iron skillet on medium high. I added a generous dollop of duck fat. Duck fat adds such wonderful flavor!

I tore off three baby bok choy leaves and sliced them up. As the duck fat heated up and began to crackle, I turned the heat down to medium low and added the baby bok choy.


I had a couple small, yellow squash in the fridge, so I chopped those up and added them to the skillet, next to the baby bok choy.


Next came three large cloves of garlic, roughly chopped.


I added in the garlic. The duck fat is beginning to caramelize the vegetables. It’s starting to smell lovely in the kitchen!


What else is in the fridge? I found a wee heirloom tomato and some kale. I hand tore the kale off the stalks and thinly sliced the leaves.


A dollop of duck fat went into the eight inch cast iron skillet. Once the cast iron was hot, I cracked an egg in the pan.

First of Nine Top Tip: Cast iron’s non-stick qualities are enhanced by lower cooking temperatures and a generous bit of good fat in the pan.


This was breakfast and it was delicious! Such a nice way to spend a quiet morning.

Have you improvised something delicious and nutritious in your kitchen recently? Share your culinary success and leave a comment!

Happy, heathy eating, ya’ll!
Hamid : )

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One comment on “A cancer survivor’s breakfast (with photos!)

  1. Judith Kleinstein
    September 15, 2014

    Yum, Hamid! Thank you for sharing. I could smell it too, as we went through the recipe together! Judith

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