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The Taking Care Sound Tribe goes to the recording studio

For a spell, I worked the admin desk in the massage clinic at my old massage therapy college in Portland, Oregon. The music was piped in from closet a level below, played on an antiquated carousel compact disc changer. A machine notorious for stopping randomly, in the midst of student massage clinic. On rotation, was a compact disc labelled “Spa Dreams”.

The music digitized on this scratched up surface was void of heart, heavy of sympathy, worthy of mockery and bereft of any qualities of specialness or guts or dynamic subtly that defines music of higher art. It was music created for the purpose of sapping the desire of dance and joy in a human being.

The aforementioned compact disc met an untimely disappearance under mysterious circumstance. Bygones.

The Taking Care Sound Tribe is in the recording studio. We’ve been studying the autonomic nervous system and the brain, wavelength and vibration. We’ve been talking about the red and blue shift of the Doppler effect. An ongoing discussion on improvisation, communication and the physics of sound. Projects in Cymatics are in pre-production stage.

I was in Houston, Texas at Md Anderson Cancer Center in February of 2013. The music therapists have in their guidelines, do not play minor chords. Funny, that.

Check out the Taking Care Sound Tribe at an upcoming Taking Care Cancer event at TaborSpace in Portland, Oregon! Go to and reserve your spot today! Cancer survivorship may never be the same!

The Taking Care Sound Tribe is crafting sound therapy, Portland Style!

No loops. No MIDI time syncing. Bringing presence, beautiful intention and the highest level of musicianship I could ever hope to play music with. We’ve gathered folk who bring their vulnerability and heart into their music… into their walk.

Steve Frost is lending us his recording studio and engineering prowess, along with his talents on various musical instruments, such as the Shakuhachi, Native American flute, guitar, gongs and percussion. Sarah Grumbling has brought in her harmonium and Kirtan practice. Rafael Otto brings an assortment of percussion instruments. Marcia Muench contributes her exquisite violin and viola. I’ve been plunking around on sitar, guitar and percussion. We’ve all been adding vocals and Tibetan singing bowls to the mix. Listening back to our first takes gives me chills. We’re crafting a sound therapy album that I am so excited to share!

The Taking Care Sound Tribe. Coming soon to your local massage therapist’s table. Sound therapy for meditation, dance, massage, acupuncture, guided imagery, and mind-body practices; for all on a challenging journey. Made by healing artists, for healing artists….

Happy new year!
Hamid : )

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