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Long ones, Short ones, Skinny ones, Fat ones

20131030-111713.jpg I found this lovely three string instrument the other day at Trade Up Music in southeast Portlandia. A bit of research revealed it was built by Wendell Powell of Arkansas in March of 2010. Wendell calls it a Longneck dulcimer. Every instrument he builds is a one of a kind. To give you a measure of the kind of man Wendell Powell is, I quote from his website, Dulcimer Addict.

The Mountain dulcimer, building, drawing plans and playing this instrument, or the Longneck dulcimer consumes my life like an addiction…… Hi, My name is Wendell and I am retired and living in the hills of Arkansas. The perfect place to practice my hobby; far enough away from everyone so as to avoid getting pelted with rocks for all to frequently hitting bad notes. Here are a few examples of my creations. I Like to think of them as creations, not construction projects. Thus to date no two have been built alike. Hopefully each successive instrument will in some way be better then the last. I build mostly for myself, family and friends. I have built a few custom orders. Also due to the problem of having too many around the house I have let a few go on e-bay. At the present time my passion is for what I call my “Longneck” dulcimer. Fun to play and the ability to “sound out”, with other instruments.


Thank you for the mighty fine strum stick, Wendell. I’m gonna make sure she plucks happy.

Hamid : )

Music bonus! I offer you my first multitrack recording of Wendell Powell’s Longneck dulcimer. Recorded on the iPad 2 with the built-in microphone. Straight from Arkansas, this is Kindness

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