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Breath is a rhythm


Breath is a rhythm

We gotta say in.

The bounce in our step
Is chosen in the brain.

An understanding of the continuous myofascial network of the human body brings a knowing down to three hundred microns,
Including the trebechulae of bone.

Intelligent, responsive latticework
Remodeling upon demand
With smooth muscle like contractility
A non-linear
In dewdrops of glycogen
The microvacuoles
Of connective tissue
The myofascial network

Our fascia is

To mechanical forces
Sliding layers
Between muscle and bone.
Between muscle and muscle

A jaunt along the riverside with the pups in the Vibram FiveFinger Spydiron. Minimalist shoes, varied terrain and a sensate life… A few tidbits towards happiness…. How does your fascia play a role in movement possibilities? Wiggle your toes, Portland!


Our nervous system orchestrating all these bones
Keeping all these funny, calcified sticks
And oddly shapen pebbles
Moving and grooving

Holding the depth of our emotion
Etched in our walk, our posture
Our breath, our gesture.

Mechanically reaching
All size scales.

From macro to micro.

From gross to subtle.

Fellow folk of planet earth.

You are amazing.

-Hamid : )

First of Nine assertion: the low pressure threshold interstitial myofascial mechanoreceptors are amongst the most numerous sensory receptor in the human body. The lightest touch engages these receptors and reaches the autonomic nervous system. Perhaps this is a mechanical means to understand lighter touch manual therapy techniques, such as Reiki or compassionate touch. Scientists and researchers…. On yer mark….get set….

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With thanks…. Taking Care Portland: August, 2013
Potato: a story from The Great Depression
The uneven free

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