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What if I had time?

What if I had time to fully
take care of myself?
To give myself space to infuse dance
into the day? To sit and breath and
watch the river flow?
To cook lovely food, spend time laughing
with friends, and time
for rest and for being alone…

How would that change a life?

Self-care while exploring aloneness.

First of Nine Top Tip: Warm water, first thing in the morning, to get digestion lively.

I’ve dropped my bodywork schedule down a bit. I’m making more time for writing. More time for music. More time for education, mentoring and art. That’s my job now.

To make this life transition, self-care must be taken to the Nth degree.

In June, twenty-thirteen, I turned forty years of age. I learned I can play the electric guitar like stink. And, that all my friends make music, from the heart, in their own way. Life is in some kinda flow and doors of opportunity open every week.

I’m feeling thankful. Feeling fortunate for the tiny moments that make up the day.

I also learned, on the Supermoon, while watching Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and Serenity at the Bagdad Theatre, that Joss Whedon and I share the same birthday. Funny, that.

Geek alert: At the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, after they put Spock’s body in a Mark VI photon torpedo tube… Yeah, yeah… I still weep every time I see it…. Bones turns to Jim and asks him how he feels.

“I feel young….” says Kirk… “I feel young…”

-Hamid : )

6 comments on “What if I had time?

  1. Susan MOrse
    July 26, 2013

    Hamid: May you be happy, may you be well, may you be at peace.

  2. “Self care while exploring aloneness…” I just posted a blog this morning along these very lines. love the synchronicity. just realized how i came to know about you, a friend of mine here in boise who is heading up an organization called the cancer connection, had a session with you and was raving about it. i would love to schedule a session with you sometime and make a road trip to portland. i will be in touch. i love your writing, your spirit, and your sharing. thank you.

    • Oh, you know Debra! Yeah, please let me know when you come out to Portland! I would be a joy to meet ya!

      I’d so dig getting over to Boise to check out Cancer Connection Idaho’s new facility. Debra and I talked about bringing Taking Care over there.

      Small world, eh? : )

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