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Massage therapy iPad apps: Pocket Anatomy adds female anatomy!

The latest version of Pocket Anatomy is out! This version ads both male and female anatomical models.

Pocket Anatomy uses an innovative slider system that quickly adds and subtracts layers, rotates 360 degrees, has inferior plantar and superior cranial views and has isolated views of the circulatory and lymphatic system. It’s super quick to open and has always been rock stable.

Several other top-tier anatomy apps take far longer to load and are crash prone. For purposes of illustration, Visible Body’s Anatomy Atlas, though freaking amazing in scope with both male and female anatomy models, is slow to load and crash prone, especially when hooked up to a VGA projector.


Pocket Anatomy has near zero wait times and beautifully rendered and lit textures. I found there to be a super quick learning curve. I pointed, I dragged, I selected pins, leading to more information. Navigation is elegant and intuitive. I find what I’m looking for in moments, with no puzzlement trying to find a certain view. A brilliant client-education tool that I would highly recommend to both health practitioners and clients. Plus, Pocket Anatomy is the most stable anatomy app in my verse. It hasn’t crashed… Ever.


Deep dive with anatomy at your fingertips! The iPad continues to bring anatomy app developers to the iOS platform, while offerings of other tablet platforms have lagged far behind. iOS app developers, like the lovely folks at Pocket Anatomy from Galway, Ireland, continue to innovate how we view anatomy. So, massage therapists and geeks of anatomy, upgrade the trail guide and get yourself an iPad!

Hamid : )

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