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The rise of social media in the bodywork field

Back in the day, I recall waiting twenty minutes to download a bikini-clad lass over a twenty four-hundred baud modem on my friends’s TRS-80. The Trash-Eighty, we used to call it. It was a marvel. Up to that spell in life, I had seen nothing else like it. Eyes went wide… then narrowed. I became plugged in. I was in elementary school. How times have changed, eh?

Social media is now a part of so many aspects of modern life. I cut my improvisational writing teeth in years of America Online chat rooms. Yeah… I know there are still a few of you AOL users out there. If you still use an AOL three point five inch disk for a coaster, give a holler!

For a several years, I developed an online chat room persona of a fully-sentient lawn chair with an atomic powered duffle bag. Oh, that was such gleeful writing at ninety words per minute. Needless to say, Douglas Adams was influential in my misconduct.

iPad writing using only the touch screen keyboard has taken some getting used to. A fair challenge to essentially relearn typing. It takes a good bit more control and awareness of breathing mechanics and spinal sway. I still make quite a few mistakes, but it allows me to slow down my writing process. Yes, a far cry from ninety words per minute, but quite an acceptable level of productivity. Love the click clackity sounds over the Bluetooth speaker! Happy, dream writing machine! Svelte.

I’ve seen many a friend mash away on laptop keyboards, like they were on an unkept Royal. Touch screen typing takes a different touch, seeing the light of the keys in the peripheral vision.

I know more and more massage therapists and bodyworkers in the healing arts community who use less and less social media, tuning out the bleep and little white screens. They’re in their gardens, or at the Oregon coast or up on Mt. Hood, every chance they get, with friends, with family or alone. I know folks who don’t use Facebook! Egads!

A balance of work and play. Filling the day with real, authentic interactions with genuine friends, alone time, sleep, rest, physical activity, laughter, nutrition, creative time…. contemplative time…. It all makes for a happy jiao!

It has been a slow withdrawal for me, who was once so tuned in. I gotta tell ya, I have found more happiness listening to the morning birds and splashing my feet in the muck of winter… It wasn’t found tied to a computer. But, that’s just me. Everyone’s got their own brilliant path to unfold in this choose your own adventure book.

To quote a song sung by Kip on his wedding day…. from the movie Napoleon Dynamite…

I love technology
But not as much as you…
But, I’ll always love technology
(Low voice)
Always and forever.

I postulate that Rumi, thirteenth century poet, said the same thing, though in different words….

Don’t pick up up the book and study
Pick up a musical instrument…

Let the beauty we love,
Be what we do….

There are hundreds of ways to kneel

And kiss the ground.

Thanks for reading First of Nine. You rock!

Hamid : )

5 comments on “The rise of social media in the bodywork field

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  3. Hello there. Thank you for checking out my post. And I believe you are correct, i think we may be very very old friends.

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