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Compassion Arts PDX, LLC launches in Portland, Oregon!


Dear friends,

My bodywork practice is in such lovely transition, as I continue to sculpt my craft in the healing arts. I started up my first massage therapy website, Transcending Touch back in 2004. It took me six months of geeking out on search engine optimization to get to top google rankings, where it’s stayed since then.

Through the years, my practice has refined, as dictated by the needs of the folks walking into my office. I once thought massage was about helping out some sore muscles feel less sore. Turns out, the profession has been about so much more.

Every single one of you has been my teacher. And, it is the greatest to honor to serve all the complexities of the depth of pain, suffering, hope and joy in the Portland community.

I would like to introduce you to Compassion Arts PDX, LLC, my new massage and bodywork practice in Portland, Oregon. In the office, in the sacred bodywork space, you’re still going to get me. All the presence, all the listening, all the creativity. On other levels, the intention is to reach a worldwide audience, developing more media… More writing, more music, more photography, more video.

So, I was offering an Oncology Touch class at SomaSpace. I had to drop that for now. The massage class is developed, and I think it will be quite brilliant. With all the business transition, something had to retract. No worries…. All kinds of folks are asking to learn from me. It’s gonna take me some time to sort out how to offer bodywork education to the Nth degree.


So, check out my snazzy new website! There are still a few bits in development, but it’s live and waiting for you to find some inspiration there!

And, now you can schedule a bodywork session online! Online scheduling is really new for me. There may be a few quirks along the way. ‘Scuse our dust!

That’s all I know right now. I look forward to wrangling with your fascia soon!

Be well,
Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT (OBMT #301)
Portland, Oregon licensed massage therapist, certified in advanced myofascial techniques

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2 comments on “Compassion Arts PDX, LLC launches in Portland, Oregon!

  1. Jocelyn
    June 8, 2013

    If your work is about your clients and bringing them quality and life altering care, why do you feel you need to chase google and get your website out to countless people who will not get where you are coming from unless you place your hands on them? not a criticism, but an honest quandary.

    • Jocelyn,

      An honest quandary has no need for a qualifier. I don’t mind the criticism.

      I offer to reflect that question back to you. You have your own website and claim to be an international level teacher. Why do you put your information out there on the internets, eh?

      I’ve been studying search engine optimization since 2004, when I built my first massage and bodywork website. It took me six months of refining ad copy with keyword rich text, building up the right combo of meta tags and then building up reciprocal links to get ranked at the top of google’s search results. And, have communicated with folks all around the planet by being able to be found, always expressing authenticity through the medium.

      The trial and error game SEO game has changed over the decade. Since I had never done a press release, thought it was a fun way to express myself to the community, as I am relaunching my bodywork practice.

      Ya see, Jocelyn… I am reaching towards an international presence with my work with cancer survivorship. The creative art has brought me to conversations with England and Ireland. I’ve received invitations from Thailand to become a guest expert practitioner, being told that there are only about 200 practitioners in Southeast Asia that could understand my depth of work. This year alone, I was invited to speak to 150 doctors at an integrative oncology conference and I’m making contacts with the oncology communities in Washington DC, Houston and Fargo. Last year, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society asked me to be a celebrity and run for man of the year. This year, I’ll be doing more teaching and creating more content… Writing, music, photography, video…. All for the education of the greater public… To shift consciousness, awareness and self-empowerment.

      So, Jocelyn, there’s the short list of why my website’s intention is to reach beyond a local audience. It’s really the oddest thing for a supposed myofascial teacher to be asking of a fellow practitioner.

      Be well,
      Hamid : )

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