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A massage therapist’s top forty two of 2012

I’m an introspective bloke. Living more and more in the hear and now, it’s still quite useful to take a breath or two and stroll back into memory, to see how far one’s personal journey has come. To note the accomplishments, learn from the fumbles and grow oneself into the healing artists one was born to be.

First of Nine humbly presents… First of Nine’s first top forty two list!

Other meager lists may stop at ten, but this one goes all the way up to the meaning of life, the universe and everything!

1. Creating a non-profit to bring a collaboration between massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, oncologists, chefs and farmers with a goal of providing a long-term, community exploration of cancer survivorship. Just signed on our first board member!

2. Held two events and the National College of Natural Medicine that included community bodywork with live sound therapy, acupuncture and a cancer resources room.

3. Lead discussions on modifications to bodywork for those living with cancer.

4. Facilitated sound therapy discussions and practice with musicians.

5. Was invited to Thailand to be an expert practitioner. Told my writing was reaching the world.

6. First of Nine: Tensegrity Blog had a spike of 7000 visitors in one month, a ten fold increase in readership.

The next Taking Care Portland: a community exploration of long-term survivorship is Saturday, January 19th at NCNM! Go to for details. Photography by Laurel Jacobson

7. Was contacted by Susan G. Komen’s local cancer survivorship rep. Was invited to a meeting and talked about bringing paid massage therapy positions to western medicine.

8. Was contacted by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and was asked to run for Man of the Year.

9. Was invited to Texas to attend the first annual Integrative Oncology Healthcare Professional Training Conference at Md Anderson Cancer Center.

10. Expanded my bodywork practice space into a production back office.

11. Was an assistant at several advanced myofascial workshops.

12. Created and edited several massage videos.

13. Recorded 4 full length albums of original, improvised material. Many songs were used in bodywork videos and used on the blog.

14. Hired as a photographer, lighting director and videographer by a local ashiatsu massage training center.

15. Became a peer supervisor for the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists.

16. Met with acupuncturists to talk about working with cancer patients.

17. Taught a workshop on Myofascial Mechanoreceptors and standing bodywork.

18. Attended a cancer provider dinner and talked shop with cutting edge plastic surgeons, naturopaths, oncologists and a vulvar pain specialist.

19. Began working with complex post-traumatic stress injuries.

20. Was invited to do bodywork backstage at the Arlene Shnitizer Concert Hall to work on the guitarist of the band that is amongst the top 5 iTunes albums of the year. Then got into the show free.

21. Held an open house at our wellness center.

22. Held a smile photo contest and gave away free anatomy iPad and iPhone apps, donated by a developer in Galway, Ireland…. The wonderful folks over at Pocket Anatomy!

23. Purchased a color laser printer for the office.

24. Met with a chiropractor to discuss the possibility of co-teaching a workshop.

25. Sold my childhood home and most of my possessions. Moved to a sweet apartment near the river where I get to run around an island, scramble over rocks and squish my toes in sand.

26. Lit a fire in the courtyard and held a community remembrance gathering at our wellness center for a fellow massage therapist who had died under mysterious circumstances.

27. Met a bike tour in the park with a Tibetan singing bowl and guitar. Lead the group in a closed-chain, kinesthetic awareness practice.

28. Did volunteer bodywork at Kite Boarding for Cancer and Camp Ukando.

29. Held sound healing nights at the the wellness center.

30. Started a bi-weekly movie night.

31. Trading monthly bodywork in exchange for passes to the soak room of another wellness center.

32. Printed dozens of my fine art photographs and gave them away in the waiting room.

Pendulation rhythm during closed chain, standing bodywork. Transverse shearing across the grain of muscle fiber at the joint capsules engages the Ruffini mechanoreceptors in the Myofascial network of the human body. Photography by Cammie Toloui.

33. Filled my massage practice space with original photography mounted on sustainable bamboo.

34. Worked with a graphic designer and printed new business cards on recycled paper.

35. Burned compact discs of original music to give away.

36. Held a tree hugger photo contest and gave away original music.

37. Collaborated and recorded music with other musicians.

38. Took several classes in advanced myofascial techniques. Mentoring under an international level teacher, the incredibly inspiring, Til Luchau.

39. Regularly grab a beer and tots with fellow massage therapists.

40. Working with a writer, graphic designer, attorney, all volunteering their time for the non-profit.

41. Regularly meet with the leadership team of the non-profit.

42. Hired an assistant. (life saver!)

Methinks ya get the idea. 2012 has been brilliant. And, there’s so much more to come…. just over the horizon.

So, what have been your major accomplishments this year? What have ya learned about yourself, your practice and the world we inhabit? Leave a reply!

Hamid : )

Music bonus!

It’s been a rough week, so gave it a lot of space to grieve. Lots of processing, crying and hugging with friends over all the recent violence in the headlines.

For all those who have lost so dearly… This is Wisp of Smoke

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4 comments on “A massage therapist’s top forty two of 2012

  1. Maryjane
    December 20, 2012

    Wonderful Hamid! You are such an inspiration and dear friend. My 2012 is more better for knowing you than I know how to express.

  2. Malcolm Innes
    December 21, 2012

    What a fantastic way to round up the year 🙂 Hamid, loved reading many of your blogs this year, especially all the fantastic work you do with cancer patients & all the “Pendulation rhythm”..In your words – I dig it! 🙂
    Excited about the coming year & just bought a camera – eek!!, so on the slight chance that my canoe might make it over your way next year, I’sa coming to pick your brain 🙂

  3. massage centre in singapore
    September 10, 2013

    You shared very useful information. If you don’t mind can i stuck you on twitter.

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