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Eights years and bone broth update

Eight years ago, this morning, I was awoken in the darkest of nightfall.

The phone rang.

My father.


I roused myself. It was a forty five minute drive from Sellwood to Gresham.

My mother was dead. It was her time. Cancer never had a chance to take her. The chemotherapy did the job just fine.

She wanted to live. She trusted the medical community. Dad and I honored that choice.

I asked her oncologist at Providence about complimentary health options. We talked about acupuncture. We talked about hypnotism. A licensed massage therapist might as well be making such queries. The doctor confided, he received training to practice hypnotherapy years ago. Though, he added with a chuckle, he was so out of practice that he couldn’t even hypnotize his wife. Mom was Japanese. He was Chinese. She trusted him with every bit of her. It was a beautiful faith.

Mom was a fiery little thing. As tall as my chin. And, I’m not a tall fella… Five foot five in Vibrams. She loved me a lot, in ways that I wasn’t always able to appreciate. Fiery, that one. Yep.

She brings the genetic lineage of Samurai into my bloodline. She said our family in Japan was not of high station. Farmers in long ago times.

Some of my dear friends are farmers. Folks that feel the season with every part of them. Folks that still work with the old ways. Folks that understand the soil; that understand the water. To offer the kindness of providing nourishment to others. A class of ability.

On October 25th, 2005, I took my first digital camera, a Canon S2, up above Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, one year after mom passed. It was a lovely day to watch the clouds in the vast expanse above; the deepest blues in a gradient of even deeper blues. Blues we don’t have words for yet.

Love ya, mom. Thanks for this lifetime.

Dried tuft

Wee purple flower patch


Bone broth update!

I was making bone broth the other day, after The Onion threw down the gauntlet and pantaloons. Read all about it here… Bone Broth: a rebuttal to The Onion.

Delicious! Nutrient dense! Warming! Love the stuff! I froze it in small batches. Froze a couple containers after 24 hours on the crock pot; a couple more after 48+ hours, scraping the surface scum off the top of the broth every morning and evening. The vertebrae of the ox tail could be easily crushed with the fingers, as all the calcium and other minerals were drawn out of the bone. Gives me a new appreciation for bodywork clients with fragile bones. The pups happily got the scraps.


First of Nine Oncology Massage Tip: Brittle bones can sometimes be a cancer-treatment related side effect. Be gentle with those folks! Compression techniques are contraindicated.

It’s a fine morning, watching the light change so gently, sipping a mug of ox tail bone broth. Life is all right.

Hamid : )

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6 comments on “Eights years and bone broth update

  1. Natalie Burke
    October 25, 2012

    Beautifully written about your mama, Hamid!

  2. Sharon White
    October 25, 2012

    Beautiful and loving.

  3. So sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. Thank you for sharing your story.

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