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First contact… and, sound therapy for cancer survivorship

Hold back, dear one
Hold fast
For just a moment more
And a moment beyond that.

Etched in Zazen
A beauty of mind

First contact

I am light…
A spark in the sensorimotor cortex
A downshifting wavelength
Beyond the amygdala

A beacon through pink noise.

You are in quantum entanglement with your higher self.

The peony begins to crackle
Her scent has no fade.

Observations on the cognition of smit.

Steve Frost at the first Taking Care: Community Support for Cancer Care at NCNM in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Ben Garvey

The Taking Care musicians are studying the art of personal transformation through the conversation of improvised music, building the language of sound therapy…. vibration techniques. A vastly growing body of research points to an enhanced understanding of the neuroscience behind the wavelength of sound. Why not apply some of those findings in the really real world?

As I plunk away on the iPad 2’s onscreen keyboard, I’m listening to an improvised recording with Marcia Muench in the dining room of her old apartment. Her lyrics, quite off the cuff. Haunting. Sorrowful. We play for those who lack the voice. For the survivors. Let we musicians sing it for you. Words streak beyond tears.

Every phrase is an improvisation. In theatre, we say, HOOZAH! to the moment. Yes! And?

“We’re at the end of the universe! Right at the edge of knowledge itself! And, you’re busy… Blogging!” -Dr. Who

Marcia and I met last evening at Earth Body. After grabbing some fresh pressed juice and a gluten free pizza (the muffaleta is so yummy!) at the food carts on 43rd and Belmont, we moved the Thai massage mat aside and brought out instruments in the Sufi room.

Violin. Guitar. Putting our faces into Tibetan singing bowls, belting out the voice; laughing our heads off! We musicians have been talking about offering therapeutic sound therapies to our Portland, Oregon community of survivors. We’re building long term cancer survivorship programs here in Portlandia. Tuesday evenings sound like a good place to start? I found a lovely space near the Tao of Tea on SE Belmont. Those with license to touch would be quite welcome to bring massage tables or Thai massage mats. Keep yer britches on. Literally. Clothing on bodywork in community setting has a way of fostering healing and connection like nothing else. More details soon enough! The conversation is just taking shape…

Portland is gonna bring it.

Hamid : ) • •

Bonus video!

The other night, I was hanging out at Earth Body late in the evening. I had just downed some coconut water (lots of electrolytes and more potassium than your average banana) and noticed some interesting patterns of light through the glass. Grabbed the Panasonic GF1 and started playing.

The music was recorded on the iPad 2 in the Sufi room at Earth Body Wellness Center East. Marcia says she likes it when we rock out. I do too.

Charles Limb, the hip-hop neurosurgeon at Hopkins, studies the brain on improvisation. Says it lights up the expressive, communicative areas of the brain. What does the tune say to you? Let First of Nine know in a reply! And, share with your network, if ya dig!

For your musical and visual enjoyment, First of Nine is tickled to share the video of Solar Flare Fiesta.

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4 comments on “First contact… and, sound therapy for cancer survivorship

  1. Marcia M
    July 25, 2012

    did you write that poem Hamid? I love it! tis beautyfull . . .

  2. Marcia M
    July 25, 2012

    Also, yea to using sound to bring about healing! Wonderfull to combine so many healing modalities as well, for healthfull living & improved quality of life. I look forward to being of service to the survivor community and anyone looking for more health in their lives. It is such an honor . . .

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