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A Stumptown massage day

“Consciousness is about three pounds and looks a little bit like a gray cauliflower.” -Andrew Newberg, MD

It’s not every day that a dame pulls up next to ya; tells you to get in the car, shoves a stack of cd’s in your lap and drives off. I readily complied, halting my eight block stroll. Situations such as this grace the beginnings of many an exciting tale. Might as well say “yes” to the events at hand, if only to see where they lead.

The grizzled fella, quite apart from a good portion of society, was yelling at me a half block down the street. Incongruent, indecipherable thoughts represented by growling barks. I had turned to look back and didn’t think much of the fellow. I’ve been on Hawthorne long enough to discern enthusiastic, yet harmless cognition.

Maybe Dr. Livingston knew something I didn’t. She has an uncommon intuition and sensitivity. So, I trust my chiropractor’s insight, in or out of the treatment room.

Steve Frost and Marcia Muench play Tibetan singing bowls at Taking Care: Community Support for Cancer Care at NCNM in Portland, Oregon. Photography by Ben Garvey

I wonder for a moment… Did we escape some danger? We motored off safely and she dropped me off at the corner of 38th and Belmont. Earth Body. One of the many centers of complimentary care practitioners that spice Stumptown. My hood.

My dear friend, Shannon Livingston, chiropractic physician, and I were chatting about collaboration and workshop ideas, over bacon and breakfast, at the Cup and Saucer. The vegetable medley quiche was satisfying; the bacon too. A cup of Picard’s Earl Gray with a spot of cream rounded out a fine Portland breakfast.

Kinesthetic awareness and client education was at the heart of our conversation, gearing our brainstorms towards both the chiropractic and massage communities.

Ashley Paquin of White Bird Wellness puts her masticating juicer to delicious use at June’s Taking Care. Photography by Ben Garvey

I’m safe and sound, sitting on the back porch of Earth Body. Chaya under my feet. Listening to the birds. And the traffic that crashes like waves on a lazy beach. It’s another hour before my first bodywork client arrives. Just a couple today. With so much room to breathe and move and watch and listen. Today, that’s enough. The rest of the week is filled… And the week after. The healing arts is a continuous flow.

I broke a D string on the guitar, playing in the Earth Body courtyard the other night after the end of a beautiful bodywork day. I knew she’d wait to bust after Taking Care. All the energy and intention thrown into the instrument on that single day. I bust a lot of strings when I let loose. Taking Care fired other neurons, swaying the nervous system towards the parasympathetic. Music can do that. Massage can too. Maybe, I’ll change the string after I explore an alternate tuning for a bit. Some of my favorite recordings have been played with five strings, after a snap.

Sandra Keeney, LMT (OBMT #17,489) at Taking Care offers massage therapy during live sound healing. Photography by Ben Garvey

Life should be like always sitting in front of Walden’s Pond, no matter the environment.

Yeah… I’m finding Thoreau’s pace, here in the city.

I’m wrapping up my day here at Earth Body. It was lovely watching the sky from the back porch. It’s shaping up to be an interesting summer, thus far.

Hamid : )

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