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The real Portlandia: Pioneer Square, episode 1

In 2009, Sarah Carl, LMT (OBMT #11624) and I created a series of videos documenting the healthcare experiences with the real folks of Portlandia. We brought the video camera to various areas of Portland, Oregon and talked to random people passing by, asking about their experience with the our healthcare system. Maybe a couple of well-intentioned massage therapists can make a difference…

An extreme case of eczema. Photography by Hamid Shibata Bennett

We called ourselves The Community Health Project. We even set up URL, but have since taken it down.

First of Nine: Tensegrity Blog is happy to present this weekly video series. I’ll post a new video from the archive every week or so.

The Real Portlandia: Pioneer Square (episode 1):

In this first installment, Sarah and I went to Pioneer Square on a typical rainy day in Portland, Oregon.

iPad users, tap on the above blank space if the video does not appear. Or, tap here.

It’s now 2012. Has healthcare changed since 2009? What would you like to see to see in this new era of community minded, collaborative healthcare? Leave a reply and let your voice be heard!

Hamid : )

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