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Merry Christmas from First of Nine!

The Christmas season has taken on quite a bit of new meaning for me in recent years. I’m caught up less and less with the commercial holiday. Pepper spray and trampling folks over commodities just doesn’t seem like a worthwhile way to spend energy. Somehow, a big chunk of this consumer culture has missed the mark.

It’s a peculiar time of year for me. In 2004, I brought my father home from the hospital on Christmas eve. He passed on a few days later. I get a bit quiet around the holidays.

These days, I’d rather spend a quiet evening at home, making some yummy food and kicking back with the pups. This is time of remembrance, of gentleness, of rest. But, there’s something about Christmas lights that have always mesmerized me.

Snow shoeing on Mt. Hood, Oregon. Photography by Hamid Shibata Bennett

A few years ago, I snapped a few hundred photos of Christmas tree lights with the macro lens. This week, I finally did something with them and threw a short film together. The music was a recording I did from about 2002, featuring some psychedelic sitar.

However you spend time celebrating the holiday season, I wish you joy, happiness and health. Thanks for taking the time checking out First of Nine. In six months, we’ve doubled readership! There’s a lot more coming about tensegrity, fascia, trauma release, oncology massage and the new science of bodywork in the new fifty-two!

Hamid 🙂

The video is entitled X-mas Lights. Enjoy!

iPad users, tap in the blank space above if the video does not appear.

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