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Quantum physics, time and bodywork

I’m watching the Fabric of the Cosmos series on the excellent PBS app. Mainstream science says our perception of time, as a species, is complete illusion.

In either direction, past or future, the same mathematical equations apply. And, it’s been tested again and again and again.

There is now overwhelming scientific consensus, verified and reverified over one billion times, that quantum physics is our current highest level of understanding for how this funny ol’ multiverse of ours flows.

Two particles, no matter the distance, can have influence over one another… Quantum entanglement. We know this now. On a quantum level, all particles have a probability of being anywhere at any time.

A recent TED Talk introduced us to Aaron O’Connell. He created a little sliver of material, something that one can hold in their hand and see with the unaided eye, that has been observed to be in two places at once. Frack me! That’s cool!

So, we’re starting to see the world, our multiverse, in an all new way. This is very much like the paradigm shift of no longer seeing the world as flat. Thank you Copernicus.

Myofascial Mechanoreceptors class, Nov. 27th, 2011. Photography by Cammie Toloui, LMT

Much of the mystery of this lifetime has been in finding meaning and relevance in my personal experience. In my studies of the successful, open-hearted, I’ve stumbled upon a few tidbits that hold importance. It has been said of those who have lived to one hundred years and beyond that… 1) They get outdoors and do something they enjoy every day, and 2) They find meaning in their experiences, challenging or beautiful. We can learn a great deal from listening to our elders.

Hey, let’s lop off the qualifier.

We can learn a great deal from listening. Period.

When the elders of the First Nation, the indigenous people of North America, gather, they simply listen. They hold the space. There’s something profoundly healing when one is heard without judgement.

I used a pico projector hooked up to the iPad 2 to display my Keynote app presentation, plus videos of tensegrity, fascia and pendulation. Photography by Cammie Toloui, LMT

So, what does all of this mean for our bodywork? Can we work with quantum physics? I dunno. No clue. But, Simon Lewis said that our brain is a quantum computer, able to explore all possibilities, all at once. So, I’m gonna be looking out for clues, unique states of consciousness, that might provide a glimpse into the quantum level.

Here’s something to try on and see if it fits… Develop your synesthesia!

Synesthesia is the combination, or blending, of the senses. Yellow and blue make green. Ok, it’s not nearly that simple. Those with synesthesia might taste color or see sound! In some cases, other senses are rerouted to the visual centers, such as echolocation in humans. Explore your amazing brain!

In your palpations of the body, let your hands be a little softer. Let your mind be a little softer. Let your breath be a little softer.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes, and see what you see just behind the eyelids. Activate the visual centers of your brain pan while you’re kinetically linked through touch. Do you see color? Shape? Movement? Imagery? Observation is key to your own home-brewed personal scientific experiment.

If time is indeed an illusion, how is that going to effect your day? Can you find the time to listen, really listen to someone? What kind of connection is there waiting in your quiet mind?

Explore and find!

Hamid : )

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