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Tree Hugger Contest Winners!

First of Nine recently had our first ever contest! Send us a photo of you hugging a tree, we asked. And, you did! That’s the only first ever contest we’ll ever have, so this is a special one! But, no worries if ya missed out… the future of First of Nine will bring other contests with other fabulous prizes!

I just gotta say, there are some of you good folks of compassion out there who are really excited by trees! Even if you couldn’t find a tree hugging photo of yourself, or passed by that perfect octopus tree and regret not taking the shot (don’t be jumpin’ fences when anyone is lookin’ now!), I want to extend my gratitude to everyone for reading this humble massage and bodywork zine! It’s been awesome to reach folks across the country, plus have a few readers elsewhere in the world, like Australia (check out the nimble musings of The Wuc… She rocks!).

We got four, yep… Count ’em! Four tree huggers entered our first ever contest. I consider that a rousing success, so everyone is getting a compact disc of musical tunes, plunked, yodeled and recorded by this here fella! One of these lucky local contest entrants/prize winners will also get a bodywork gift certificate along with their musical gift! Booyah!

Feeling inspired? Go try out the grounding, equilibrium-balancing, joy-filled experience ya get from hugging a tree!

So, here are First of Nine’s official winners in our first ever tree hugger photo contest!

Portland, Oregon Massage Therapy
Val includes some awesome tree art in her entry!

massage therapy in Portland, Oregon
Ben gets an honorable mention for giving a high five to a small tree. Great pic Starshine!

Massage and bodywork in Portland, Oregon
Kristina… Just a little more reach…

Portland, Oregon massage therapist
Joshua… Stuck between trunks… A tree sandwich!

First of Nine is all about raising a bit of a ruckus in the massage therapy field. The recent article on Myofascial Mechanoreceptors is raising some spirited discussion in a LinkedIn group or two. So, jump on into the fray and get into the ever evolving science and art of bodywork!

In honor of entering the rainy season here in Oregon, here is a tune off the contest’s prize CD, which includes tracks like Lonely Enchilada, Billy Grippo, A Maker of Fine Sauces, The Purple Planet and many others! This is a rather old recording of mine, originally part of Crashworthy’s Anymouse Hazard Report Gala CD. If ever I wrote a hit single, this would be it… A classic track from my cassette 8-track analog recording days (the Yamaha MT8XII, yeah, that’s right TapeOp fans!). I recored this in my apartment kitchen, banging on water-filled glasses and various pots and pans with a set up chopsticks right around the time I was taking Jon Hart’s deep tissue class. This is It’s Raining and I Have No Pants On. Dig it!

Hamid : )

Here’s the complete track list of the Tree Hugger Prize CD… a few of the tunes are already online… enjoy your burrito!

1. Sunrise at the Graveyard 2. When I was just a boy 3. It’s raining and I have no pants on 4. Bobby 5. Lonely enchilada 6. I am from the forest 7. Billy Grippo is a man with his name on a bus stop bench at 39th and Glisan 8. Collecting spoons for Carrie Fischer 9. Tip Toe Out 10. The River 11. Monkey, Penguin, Fruit Bat 12. Story Problem 13. A maker of fine sauces 14. The purple planet 15. Jiggity Jeepers 16. Butterflies with sitar intro 17. Crow call 18. Sunset lullaby with Marcia Muench on violin 19. Sitar experiment 20. Vaux Swifts

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