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Self-care nosh for the kick-back massage therapist

I dig coming home in the afternoon and cooking up some grub. Not only do I get to spend time with my pups, I also save myself the cost of eating out.

I admit, I have a hard time cooking for myself. I love going all out for friends or a special lady, but I typically stick to massively simple and quick when it’s just yours truly. However, my ever-malleable self-care plan needed a little tweak and I’ve been making room in my schedule to spend more time cooking for myself.

I love food. And, I make some good eats, according to my chums. I’ve got some great cooks in my family’s history too.

My grandmother, on me pappy’s side, owned a few different restaurants. None were terribly profitable. She’d treat everyone like they were family, offering seconds and thirds. Ya never walked away hungry.

So, a morning of bodywork and a rather leisurely afternoon, leading to more bodywork in the late afternoon and evening. I so dig days like this!

I came home and heated up the cast iron. Grilled myself up a goat cheese sandwich on gluten free bread. Arranged a side of kale and carrot salad from New Seasons and a few bing cherries for kicks on a square plate. I love square plates. Makes food all kinds of purty.

Grilled goat cheese sammy! Photography by Hamid Shibata Bennett

I was munching away on the back deck, flipping through Zite app, a rather snazzy iPad magazine that begins to customize the articles delivered to you, based on your preferences. Yup, I liked that article I just read on cognition, improvisation and trauma. Would I like more? Yes, please! Really, it all made for a rejuvenating afternoon.

A little fetch and a little wrestle with the pups and off again… The steadfast and always ready massage therapist springs back to action, dancing with the ideo motor response and the Myofascial system, culling the parasympathetic nervous system into oscillation.

I get done with clients pretty late sometimes. Making dinner at home is still a big time priority. If it’s grillin’ season and I have a hunk of meat in the fridge, I am a way happy camper. Of course, it’s always grillin’ season. I’ll grill with a head lamp if it’s dark out.

One of my favorite cuts of beaf is the flat iron. It’s the infraspinatus of the moo cow, not terribly expensive and one of the most tender cuts of beef I’ve ever happily devoured. I dig my veggies, but there are days ya gotta let your carnivore out to play.

Now then, you have to make sure to turn your steak after about 2 minutes, to get a nice crosshatching in the grill marks. And, don’t forget to let it rest for 10 minutes or it’ll dry out as all the juices run out when you cut into it. Meat loves to rest. And, really, leave some pink in the middle! Anything beyond medium rare is just going to toughen up a brilliant hunk of protein.

Flat iron steak with grilled golden beets and coconut black rice. Photography by Hamid Shibata Bennett

Taking a gander back at the day, it’s been quite lovely. Ran in the morning with the pups. Played with equilibrium. Did an entire bodywork session, sans massage table, doing standing and seated breath work (No! Not the comfy chair!) Ate some yummy, nourishing food. Breathed deep and watched the trees sway. Got a call from one of my regulars saying she’s feeling so good. Yeah, It’s been a great day and I’m feeling fine.

Self-care… Can ya dig?

How do you care for yourself with food? Keep the discussion flowin’!

Hamid : )

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5 comments on “Self-care nosh for the kick-back massage therapist

  1. Val Ford
    July 22, 2011

    Beautiful, soft DOF…eating anything that gorgeous is good for the soul. Thank you for sharing your musings with the MFR group, You, sir, are good good for the soul as well. Cheers…Val

    • Val…. There sure is a certain wisdom in eating foods that bring us joy, that nourish us in ways beyond the provided vitamins and minerals. Food explores the senses and lifts the spirit! Thanks for your kind remark. : )

  2. Karen Asbury
    July 23, 2011

    What an inspiring article! Keep ’em coming, Hamid!

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