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A massage therapist with an iPad

Howdy! Welcome to my brand spankin’ new blog! Gotta start somewhere, so might as well be with a riveting top ten list!

I’ve had the iPad 2 for a wee bit now. I am increasingly impressed with it’s capabilities. I set out straight away to seeing all that I could accomplish in it, to help my massage therapy practice. Here’s my top ten list of things I’ve done in the past couple of weeks…

1. Use Square to process credit card transactions. Clients dig signing with their fingertip!

2. Take handwritten notes while studying a video playing on the iMac. Post these notes as images on Facebook to share with my bodywork geek chums. This was done using Bamboo Paper.


3. Fill out a .PDF for the Be the Match Foundation and email it using Ghostwriter. This is another great note taking app.

4. Find current research on tensegrity and massage using Dragon Medical.

5. Show clients detailed images of muscular anatomy (very helpful before pterygoid work!) with Muscle System Pro II. And, yeah… I know this isn’t a shot of pterygoids, but the deep cervicals are way cool!


6. Show clients and massage Therapists animations of breath mechanics and living fascia with videos snagged from YouTube.

7. Create a 2-up flier for my Myofascial Study Group with Pages.

8. Watch some amazing talks on the plasticity of the brain, consciousness and it’s connections to the body with TED.

9. Record music with Garageband for inclusion in the next bodywork video (4 guitar parts, 2 vocal tracks, plus drum and bass parts using virtual instruments). Check out the track… it’s appropriately named First Doodle.

10. Begin freely writing again, producing all kinds of content with the super svelte word processor, iA Writer. Big fan of this app! This text was written using iA Writer.

Oh, but this list goes up to eleven!

11. Slash my way through the bloodlines, developing my skill with the blade and taking down Inferno Paladins with a final thrust deep into the viscera with Infinity Blade.

Yeah… iPad rocks! Dig it!

Hamid : )

9 comments on “A massage therapist with an iPad

  1. Natalie
    July 12, 2011

    I’m on the verge of getting an ipad but keep wondering how hard it is to type the coventional way with both hands using the standard finger placement. Wouldnt you get a cramp in your hands from trying to do that? I can type pretty fast and I dont want to have to do my typing with my index fingers. The handwrtiing app sounds way cool though.

    • hamidlmt
      July 12, 2011

      Natalie, the keyboard takes some getting used to. When you flip the iPad to landscape mode, the keyboard becomes close to full size and it’s really quite easy to type. Even in portrait mode, the keyboard is so much bigger than any phone that text entry is pretty easy.

      There’s nothing tactile though; no physical keys. That takes some getting used to. As I keep plunking away, getting a few thousand words under my iPad typing belt, I’m finding I have to concentrate less and less and am just beginning to be able to bang out the words with little effort. It’s becoming fun!

  2. Hans Quistorff
    July 12, 2011

    I was wondering how good it is for taking video? Thinking of before and after posture portraiture. Can you record a treatment method or self care assignment?

    • hamidlmt
      July 13, 2011

      I do take some before and after postural photos. I organize them with an app called Photo-Sort. It’s ok, but could be more intuitive, so I’m looking for something else.

      It would be ok for a quick video, like recording a treatment method or self-care assignment for a client. I will be playing with the iPad version of iMovie soon.

      Most of my video is shot with higher quality photo gear. Feel free to Check out my bodywork vids on my home page… Shot mostly with the Panasonic GF1, which fits in the pocket of my trousers.

      Thanks for asking Hans!

  3. Bruce Codding
    September 13, 2011

    Hamid, thank you for putting this list together. It will help me get started with some software purchases.

    Bruce Codding, CMT
    Redwood City, CA

  4. Jason Thompson
    December 2, 2011

    Thanks for posting this. I just got an iPad after graduating, and am always looking for new apps to help in my career as soon as I get licensed. As far as the typing goes, I have large hands and I had some issues with it at first, but after about a week of using it, it became quite easy. I will most likely purchase a Bluetooth keyboard in the future, as I use it quite often. They are fairly inexpensive compared to some of the other accessories for it. The ones Ive seen are between $69-100. I’m trying to get a friend of mine that is familiar with creating apps to work on getting a decent SOAP charting app at an inexpensive price. If it comes to fruition, I will gladly share it with you or anyone else interested.

    • Jason.. To go paperless is not only friendly on our ecosystem, but a dream for so many LMT’s. Would dig updates on their progress!

      I have yet to try out a Bluetooth keyboard. All of the drafts of this blog are handled on the iPad 2’s onscreen keyboard. Though typing speed has diminished, I still find it a fun experience. Writing should be a joy. And, this doodad has gotten be back into being a writer.

      Enjoy the day!
      Hamid : )

  5. Rebecca
    April 26, 2012

    Great information. Thanks for sharing. I just got an ipad for biz organization in my clinical massage therapy biz in nashville and its amazing. Looking forward to all the other ways it will enhance my daily work life. Knowimg which apps work best can be daunting. First thing i got was the muscle pro ii. So convenient!

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